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 Hi. I am Roger and I have been with the Ecumaniacs for three and a half years now. I have appeared in 4 shows (5 counting our variety show for charity) - Treasure Island was my debut with the group when I was lucky to be cast as Long John Silver, Happily Ever After followed(Earl of Sandwich), Puss In Boots probably the one I enjoyed the most as one of The 3 Musketeers, so much fun and more recently Snow White and The Assorted Hangers On where I was a last minute stand in as a dwarf (now bear in mind I am 6' tall and 18 stone!!).

I am also the current Chairman of the group and I can honestly say we are like a big family, I have made some terrific friends over the last few years and I am proud of every single one of our members, cast and crew alike as they put in so much hard work to get these shows off the ground.

Hi, I'm Abi, I have done four shows with the Ecumaniacs and have enjoyed everyone of them. I played Princess Winnebago in Treasure Island, Puss in Boots in Happily Ever After, Princess Jasmine in Puss in Boots and Snow White in Snow White and the Assorted Hangers On.
I love being in the Ecumaniacs and it has given me so much confidence on and off stage. Everyone is so kind and caring and you feel like a part of the group straight away.
I am currently at Sixth Form and hoping to go on to University (where I'm going to miss the Ecumaniacs terribly) to study to become a teacher.  I love the Ecumaniacs and I definitely think I wouldn't be as confident as I am today without the people and the productions.  :)

Hi, Chloe here!

I am 16 years old and I absolutely love being on stage.  Whether that's singing, dancing or acting. I’ve done many shows in school such as being Dodger in Oliver Twist and the Ghost of Christmas Present in the Christmas Carol.  I saw Mother Goose in 2009 and I wanted to become a member of the group.  I have been in the Ecumaniacs ever since.  I've been involved in four productions.


I was a cat in Treasure Island, a giant in Happily Ever After, an Ogre and Enchantress in Puss in Boots and I was a dwarf called Shorty in Snow White and the Assorted Hangers On.  Along with being a dwarf I was also the choreographer.  I was also involved in a charity show we put on for the Harvey Hext Appeal.  I sang Over the Rainbow and did a solo dance to Skinny Love.

I love being a part of this group because everyone is so friendly and kind.  From the moment I walked in the doors when I was 12 I felt like I belonged here because everyone was so welcoming.  I have made many friends and I can easily say we are like a big family.  The Ecumaniacs has helped build my confidence on and off stage and I have now decided that I want an acting career, all thanks to the support I get from the group.  Joining the group was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I’m very much looking forward to being part of future productions.


Hi, I'm Dawn. I've been a cast member of the Ecumaniacs for the past 2 years. I've appeared in puss in boots as a slightly dizzy musketeer and this year I was the magic mirror in snow white.

I also helped to organise a charity variety evening last year where I appeared as Shirley Bassey singing big spender. I enjoy being part of the Ecumaniacs; it is great fun and a great opportunity to meet some lovely people.

I am married to Phil and have two beautiful boys. I work full time and in my spare time, I love to go out (or in) to eat and take every opportunity to chill out when I can.

I will definitely love to appear in more shows in the future, and am now looking forward to next year.

Hi, I’m Di, I’ve been with the Ecumaniacs for 2 years. I played Baps alongside Buns as one of the sisters in Puss In Boots. This year I played the Evil Queen/Old Lady in Snow White and the Assorted Hangers on. I also took part in the charity show last year, singing Sisters with my fellow panto sister Buns, and dueted with Roger Hole singing All I Ask of You from The Phantom of the Opera.


I have enjoyed every moment of being part of this group along with my daughter Enya who is also a member. The people are so nice and have made me feel very much part of the group and encouraged me to be part of future productions.


I have also been a member of The Whitchurch Players for approximately 6 years where I have played roles in comedies and farces such as Polly in Fawlty Towers, Yvette in Allo Allo and many others.


I am a wife and mother of two girls which keep me very busy every day!!!

Hello, I'm Enya, I have been with the Ecumaniacs for the past 2 years and have enjoyed playing parts such as in Puss in Boots as a lost villager and melody a Princess, also a bigger role as Gretel alongside Hansel in the 2013 show Snow White.


I am really happy to be working with such great people, full of encouragement, and hope to stick with the group for the upcoming years!  In my spare time I enjoy studying English in class, playing the keyboard and doing my favourite thing-acting!!!

I first joined when asked to play a small role as a Princess and since then became part of the group when recognised by others I had potential. Since then, I was granted my own solo song and an amazing opportunity to be with the Ecumaniacs.


Thanks for reading! 8)

Hi, I'm Jackie and I've been with the Ecumaniacs since 2006. My first show was Aladdin, and I played Wishee Washee, Aladdin's stay-at-home brother. I spent a week having wet clothes chucked at me! After that, an awful lot of the "original" members of the group left, due to a change in the directorship.


In 2008, we reinvented the group, advertised far and wide and the "new" Ecumaniacs was born! We put on Mother Goose in February 2009 and it was a huge hit, causing even more new people to join. Since then, we've done a show every February, and I've been in all of them - except the last one! I was Benny the farm hand in Mother Goose in 2009, Israel Fingers in Treasure Island (although Long John kept calling me Cyril!) in 2010, Jack (of Beanstalk fame) in Happily Ever After in 2011 and Aramis, the 'andsome and the sweet smelling musketeer in Puss in Boots in 2012.


This year, I co-wrote and directed Snow White and the Assorted Hangers-On with my husband Richard, which went down very well, and I'm looking forward to getting back on stage for the next show!

I'm Peter and I'm 9 weeks old at the time of writing (my mummy, Jackie, is helping me to type).


I was born 6 weeks before Snow White and the Assorted Hangers-On took to the stage, and I think that makes me the youngest member ever!


I played Prince Peter, the son of Snow White and Prince Steve. I'm probably going to be at an awkward age for the next couple of shows, but maybe when I'm a few years older, I'll be in another one!

Hi I’m Jenna and I’ve been part of the Ecumaniacs panto group since 1996. I saw Babes in the wood and Robin Hood in 1994 and wanted to join as it looked so much fun, so joined to be in the 1997 performance of Aladdin in which I was in the chorus.

1998 was Beauty and the Beast and I was in the chorus and a dancing fuchsias flower. 2000 was Treasure Island in which I was a town person, ceremonial dancer and a monkey. 2001 was Puss in Boots with being a Butterfly and a villager. 2002 was Snow White and the 7 Somethings I played a Wench, forest creature and in the chorus. 2003 performance was Jack and the Beans Talk and I was a fairy and in the chorus. 2005 was Babes in the Wood and Robin Hood I was a villager and a dancer. 2006 was Cinderella and I played a courtier, servant and a dancing mouse. 2007 was Aladdin and I played Pearl and was in the chorus. 2009 was Mother Goose and I was in the chorus and dancing. 2010 performance was Treasure Island with dancing and in the chorus. 2011 was Happily Ever After and I was a cloud person, a forest fairy and a soldier.

I moved to Germany but was back to help out with 2012 performance of Puss in Boots. I missed this year’s panto 2013 as I had my daughter.   I'm married and a stay at home mum.   I enjoy seeing my friends, going dancing and being part of the group.   I am really looking forward to being back in the UK to be part of the 2014 panto or the next one we do.  I enjoy being part of the group as it’s a friendly place to be and everyone is welcoming and I’ve made many friends over the years. xx

 Hi, Kat here!

I've been a member of Ecumaniacs for 2 years. I have so far played the principle boy roles of 'Jacques' in Puss in Boots and 'Prince Steve' in Snow White and the Assorted Hangers On.

I have enjoyed singing and acting all my life and being part of The Ecumaniacs means I can combine the 2! I was in a band for 3 years before joining the group and when that finished I found The Ecumaniacs and I am so pleased I did!

When one show finishes another is in the pipeline for the next year and believe me, I can't wait!!  Thanks for taking the time to read, see you at the show...!

Hi, I'm Kev.  I am 47, from Cardiff, living in Bristol.

I had never done anything like this since school until I joined the Ecumaniacs for the 2009 show, where I appeared as Pricilla the goose in Mother Goose in which I quickly learned to quack & lay golden eggs.


Since then, I have been a Parrot doing some stand up, Harry Hill, a Pirate, a pants wearing Native, Dim (an elf type thing ?), a King and in 2013 I was Dame Busters.  I am really proud to have acted alongside my son Oliver who has appeared in the last 2 pantos.  The Ecumaniacs is a very welcoming & friendly group and I would suggest anyone thinking about getting involved to just do it.  Hope to see you either on stage or in the audience for the next production.

Hi, I'm Rachel. I've been a part of the Ecumaniacs cast for the past three years and I've thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. I was a Chorus member in Happily Ever After, Principle boy Jacques in Puss in Boots (along with Kat Broderick) and in Snow White and the Assorted Hangers-On, I played the Dwarf, Clever-Clogs. I enjoy performing with the Ecumaniacs because they are all fantastic people and they all have their own way of acting, and I am glad that I've met them all and have had the chance to be a part of all the fantastic productions that we have put on.

I am currently studying in Sixth-Form, in Year 12. I enjoy singing in my free time (and also in the Choir in school). I also play the Piano and Swim every weekend. 

I will definitely be appearing in the next show and hopefully still get the chance to perform in any future productions that I can be a part of.

Hi there, I'm Trish! I have been a member of the Ecumaniacs for 3 years now and have appeared in 3 of the pantomimes.  My first show was in 2010 when I was cast as the landlady/native woman in our performance of Treasure Island.  Following that, I was cast in my first ever main role, as The Evil Fairy in Happily Ever After and most recently, I shared the role of Snow White in our 2013 production of Snow White and the Assorted Hangers On.


I also performed in the charity variety show we put on last year in aid of The Harvey Hext Appeal, singing 2 duets, a solo and performing a rather eccentric and unforgettable version of Barbie Girl!

Joining the Ecumaniacs is one of the best decisions I have ever made, there isn't a moment when we aren't smiling or laughing or just generally larking about, we are one big family, there is no other way to describe it and I am looking forward to the shows still to come!


Hello! I’m Matt. I joined The Ecumaniacs in 1999 as a junior member of the backstage crew. My first production was Treasure Island in 2000 where I worked as a runner, backdrop operator and on set construction. After that I was hooked on Amateur Dramatics!


Since then I have worked in amateur dramatics for various groups gaining experience in all aspects of Stagecraft. This includes undertaking sound operation & design, lighting operation and design, and set construction and design. In the last 2 years I have graduated to the role of stage manager.


As Stage Manager I over see all the technical aspects of production; gathering the backstage crew together, sourcing materials, technology and running the show on the night.

Philip Harrison

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